Transfer for On-Shore Cruisers Passengers

If you are travelling with a cruise, St. Petersburg Story Hunters’ guides will pick you up, stroll the city with you and bring you back in comfortable transport. It is important to note that the type of transport to be used is dependent on the number of people involved; a passenger car, minivan, and even a minibus can be used. However, whichever transport is used will always be a business class car (Mercedes).

St. Petersburg Story Hunters will provide you with a private car driver and comfortable transport for your tour.



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Transfer for On-Land Travelers

Irrespective of your traveling style (by plane, boat, train, or bus), St. Petersburg Story Hunters offer transfers from the arrival spot to the hotel and back.

Your arrival or departure from St. Petersburg will be fun, relaxed, and quite comfortable when you book with St. Petersburg Story Hunters.

Also, group transfer services are available to/from mainline railway stations, Pulkovo Airport, sea and river ports, as well as other arrival or departure points in St. Petersburg.

Special Needs in the Car

Children’s Car Seats

According to Russian law, kids below 7 years of age who are placed in a car’s rear seat are expected to sit in a child car seat irrespective of the vehicle/car (in the front seat, it is required until the child is 12 years old). Additionally, the child must use an adult seat belt. St. Petersburg Story Hunters’ members provide car seats for children as required by law in Russia. However, you have to request this service when you book a tour.

Wheelchair-Accessible Transportation

St. Petersburg Story Hunters’ trained staff offer professional help for disabled tourists by providing them with perfect wheelchair-friendly tours and excursions, as well as the best wheelchair-accessible transportation.

Other Needs

St. Petersburg Story Hunters will carefully attend to your other needs when you book the tour. You can request private tours, which are highly flexible; you’ll also be able to change your itinerary before or during the touring days, if possible.

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